DP0.3 Tutorials#

These tutorials are for DP0 delegates using the Rubin Science Platform (RSP) deployed at the Interim Data Facility (IDF; the Google Cloud).

Before following these tutorials, delegates should follow the getting started checklist in the documentation for DP0.2 and:

1. have gotten their RSP account and be able to log in at data.lsst.cloud,
2. be familiar with this list of DP0-era RSP warnings,
3. reviewed the basic introductions to the RSP’s Portal and Notebook Aspects, and
4. know their options for getting support and asking questions.

Major Changes Log#

Portal tutorials#

Step-by-step demonstrations of how to use the DP0.3 data products in the Portal Aspect.

Notebook tutorials#

All Jupyter Notebook tutorials are kept in the tutorial-notebooks repository of the rubin-dp0 GitHub Organization.

The contents of the prod branch of that repository are made available (and automatically updated) in the folder notebooks/tutorial-notebooks which appears in all users’ home directories.

List of Notebook tutorials: See the repository’s README file for the most up-to-date list of available tutorials with descriptions.

Contributed tutorials#

Everyone is welcome to contribute tutorials or science demonstrations to the shared GitHub repository delegate-contributions-dp03.

The README file for that repo contains instructions and best practices for contributions. Contributions are stored in sub-directories by topic, such as “extendedness” or “photo-z”. View the readme files in each sub-directory for more information about the contents and who contributed them.

Rubin staff do not apply any quality control reviews to the contributed content in the delegate-contributions-dp03 repo. In contrast, the Portal and Notebook Aspect tutorials in the sections above are created by Rubin staff and adhere to the set of guidelines and best practices described in RTN-045. Anyone who wants to contribute to these formal tutorial sets should get in touch with the Lead Community Scientist (Melissa Graham).